Baby Boogie Classes, Manchester

If you and your little ones love dancing, jumping and running around, Baby Boogie will be right up your street. Based on current research into developmental movement, these fun and physical sessions encompass unique and enjoyable ways of moving our bodies.

Baby Boogie, Manchester

The regular classes take place in Chorlton on a Thursday morning but we attend the one off monthly sessions at the magical Wonder Inn in the city centre.

Last time we were butterflies, whereas today the focus was on birds. As we settled in and waited for everyone to arrive there were a number of chirpy cuddly birds to play with. We lay on our tummies and wriggled like worms then twirled and swished around the room.

Baby Boogie, Manchester

Baby Boogie sessions follow the familiar pattern of a welcome song, some physical activity, some props for play and a goodbye song, but they're quite different to other similar classes we've attended. Session leader Annabel is very passionate about her work, explaining the benefits as we go along and talking about how families can continue to "Baby Boogie" outside of the sessions.

She's warm, friendly and very hands on, she'll pick up your toddler or baby and swing them, rock them and roll them and her enthusiasm is catching. I'm often more out of breath than my daughter after a session!

Baby Boogie, Manchester

The props she brings are brilliant and unique – a stretchy parachute, dozens of chiffon scarves, and huge swathes of stretchy material that you can pop your child on and whizz them around the room or swing them about in. It's so much fun.

The Baby Boogie classes have a relaxed vibe, which is something I'm very conscious of with having a particularly ‘spirited’ toddler. Sometimes at groups we've felt a bit frowned upon or I've felt pressured to keep my two year old in check. But here, while children are encouraged to follow the activities, Annabel is more concerned that we are all comfortable and happy.

Baby Boogie, Manchester

Classes are for children aged 0-3 years and their grown-ups. If you do decide to go along, I'd wear comfy trousers as there's a lot of rolling and tipping involved!

Useful Info:
What? Movement, play and dance class for children aged 0-3 years and their grown ups.
When and Where? Various locations and times.
Contact: For more information contact Annabel on

You can check out further details on the Baby Boogie Facebook page.

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[INTRO Baby Boogie classes are the perfect for solution for active children and their grown ups; there's dancing, jumping, running around and plenty of fun and games.]

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