CBeebies Land

I've always been a fan of Alton Towers, I even took my husband to their Splash Landings hotel as a surprise for his 30th birthday - pre kids!

So due to my love for this Cheshire theme park, and also after having worked at Children's BBC, I've wanted to go and have a nosey at CBeebies Land since it opened.

Alton Towers is in Leek and it takes approximately an hour and half to get there from Manchester. This time considerably increases if your three year old pukes on the way there!
They both loved the Monorail with the 'Trolls' music on. When we arrived our friends were waiting for us in the [Link https://towersstreet.com/theme-park/attraction/big-fun-showtime/ Big Show Time] area. This is a great place to start off. The kids had their lunch (mums had a coffee) and a Tree Fu Tom live show came onto the stage.

Tree Fu Tom on Stage

One of my more organised friends had downloaded the app which tells you how long the queues are so we were able to plan our day accordingly.

The highs were the Postman Pat ride. You get to ride in Pat's van! Maybe this was a childhood dream of mine that I hadn't realised.

Postman Pats van

The live shows were really good too. For Mr Bloom's Allotment you go into his garden shed and meet the Veggies. Mr Bloom does a video link recording and a presenter type person speaks to the children and gets them to join in with the songs. The Furchester Hotel show was also brilliant. Elmo and Cookie Monster are pre recorded on screens but the other family members are there in puppet form. We love Furchester in our house!

The lows were the [Link https://www.altontowers.com/theme-park/height-restrictions height restrictions]. You need to be 0.9 metres tall some of the rides. This is quite tall for a 2/3 year old! The two year old we were with had a complete meltdown because she couldn't go on the Go Jetters ride. I totally felt for her. I was surprised any height restrictions had been put on at all. I understand that for a ride to be 'fun' it needs to be exciting, but, for a theme park to be targeted at pre-schoolers, shouldn't it be accessible to all?

Also, the queues. In the Night Garden Magical Boatride was over an hour for the whole day. I know you'd expect to wait for the big rides but in this day and age could they not think of a better booking system? I'd like to imagine one day that we could be allocated with time slots or given a ticket like in Clarks.

We made our own fun!

All in all a fun day was had. When I asked the three year old what her favourite part was, she said the big slide in the Tree Fu Tom play park. With height restrictions and queues we did manage to have a full day of fun.

My main tips would be; take lunch, make sure you go in a group (having a baby and toddler doesn't really work) And go in term time!

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