Finding the Right Parent's Group After Having a Baby

Finding the Right Parent's Group After Having a Baby

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Posted 2023-05-30 by Vanessafollow

Being a parent is a life-changing experience.

After experiencing the highs and lows of pregnancy, labour, and delivery - your next chapter has begun - welcome to the lifelong commitment of parenthood!

Being a 'Mama' and a 'Dada' is a beautiful, rewarding honour that will see your heart grow every time your child smiles or laughs.

You will discover strength and patience that you didn't know you even had and start to view yourself through a new lens - as a protector of a beautiful tiny human who depends on you, every hour of every day.

But while being a parent is an incredibly rewarding and joyful experience - it can simultaneously feel as though your life is completely out of control - and that is okay!

Trust me, it is and guess what - you are certainly not alone!

And you may also find the dynamics of your lifelong friendships, family relationships and partnership changing almost immediately. Some may become stronger - some may fade away.

And you may feel isolated. Those 'baby blues' feelings are completely normal - as is your need to talk to other new parents - to complain to, cry with, laugh with and share all about your beautiful child.

In the early months of being at home and caring for your baby, it is important to find time to focus on yourself. This can be as simple as stepping outside and walking to the local shops and playground - it is the easiest way to feel connected to the outside world.

Grab a coffee with a friend and you can also consider joining a “mummy and me” group or a new parent class. It's a fantastic way to meet other new parents and have a natter and receive helpful and practical advice on all things babies. There are also classes dedicated to music and movement for babies or infant massage classes which can be beneficial for both parent and child.

Getting outside and maintaining a social life can take time and effort. But it is vital to help you cope with the everyday stresses of being a new parent.

Remember, you are not alone and seeking and accepting support is beneficial for both you and your child. You’ll be relaxed and healthier, which means you’re better able to look after your child!

If you can’t get out to meet friends or family, and want something that you can do at home, the Living Life To The Full website has lots of modules, books and worksheets that you can use to help you improve your wellbeing and resilience as you go through the journey of life.

The Living Life To The Full modules, books and worksheets are free for all Greater Manchester residents and available any time.

These resources are designed to help you think about your own mental wellbeing and provide support to everyone in Greater Manchester, with specific support for new parents, and those who may be struggling with long-term illness or disabilities.

No matter how busy you may be, it’s important to set some time aside for yourself and prioritise your mental wellbeing and with Living Life To The Full you can discover free modules on:
  • Enjoy Your Baby

  • By completing these modules you will learn how to build a fulfilling relationship with your baby, boost your confidence as a parent and rediscover time for you!

    Living Life To The Full is highly recommended by many charities and health services around the UK. Sign up and access downloadable books at . Available in 18 different languages, including Bengali, Urdu, Arabic, French, Farsi, Polish, and Simplified and Traditional Chinese.


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