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Rock climbing for kids

[Link Rock Tots] at the Depot is a climbing-based educational programme for children under 6. It is a fantastic session to develop the skills needed for climbing. It incorporates fun ways for children to improve co-ordination, flexibility and balance.

They start the session off with some games and stretching exercises. We sang wheels on the bus and moved our arms to incorporate a full range of movement. This was a great way to warm up before climbing.

Throughout the one hour session there were lots of activities for the children to enjoy. They were encouraged to rescue small teddy bears from the climbing wall and this helped to build confidence. The session ended with them becoming astronauts and walking on the moon. My little girl loved it and made lots of friends in the class. We will definitely be making this a regular feature at the weekend!

Before you can attend the main session every adult and child needs to do a one off, half hour induction (this costs £5). Once you have done the induction you can take your child and go at any time to the Depot. As part of this you will be shown round the centre and you will have to show competency on the wall yourself by completing a small climb. The induction sessions are at 9.15am on both Saturdays and Sundays. You need to book on to these.

The Rock Tot sessions are on a Saturday and Sunday at 10am and are suitable for ages 1-4. The Rock Kids sessions are on a Saturday and Sunday at 11.15 and are suitable for ages 3-6. The sessions last an hour.

Useful information:
Address: Unit N1/N2 Mosley Road, Central Park Estate, Trafford Park,Manchester, M17 1PG
Opening hours:Saturday and Sunday 11.15-12.15

For more information and to book your classes click [Link here.]

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[INTRO Rock Tots at the Depot is a fantastic way for small children to learn the skills needed to climb. The sessions incorporate fun ways for children to improve their coordination, flexibility and balance.]

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